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We make you think and realise those aspects of your being which you never thought before. This is what you explore with us in our Acting Course.

Your practice makes you actor. Your passion makes you Professional Actor. and your dedication makes you Great Actor.

What is Acting ?

Without going into theory one can say Acting is very easy. Anyone can do, learn, and understand. Something that we don't do daily seems difficult to us but actually we act daily. Unknowingly whatever we do everyday is a kind of acting. Only difference is we don't do it in front of camera or on stage. Art of performing in front of camera or on stage in front of audience by using some methods is called Film Acting or Stage Acting. When you learn acting you are actually learning the technical aspect of acting. This we teach in acting Workshop.

Opportunities in Acting career.

Nowadays there are lots of opportunity for a actor. There are n number of films on floor, hundreds of tv channels and thousands of TV Serials and Shows. Every Production house is looking for Young Girls, Boys, Kids, Character Artists of all age. All they expect is little knowledge of Acting in front of camera so their work is done with no retakes.

Mumbai in India is the hub of all these activities. India's Major Film and Television work is done here. All the Major Film and TV production Houses, shooting and post production studios are located in and nearby Mumbai. Every day there are hundreds of auditions done for new roles. Casting directors keep searching for new talents. Hence it is easy to start career in acting and find acting jobs in Mumbai.

Benefits of joining our Acting Workshop.

Our Workshop specially designed to enrich and educate, each individual's potential for Acting and Modelling. Our workshop programs afford each talent an overview of the opportunity to showcase and perform like professionals, providing advancement to help and secure representation and work in films, TV, Ads.

We maintain a strong commitment to nurture and build a well-rounded, confident in acting oriented career,for creative individuals.

A well learned and practiced Actor always do well in audition for acting, with a confident Body language, by doing our acting course in our acting class. We cover subjects of acting such as "Speech", "Method Acting", "Body Language", Personality Development", "Diction", and many of the important aspects of improvisations.

We not only teach you acting skill but we also guide you start your career in acting and help you find the right acting job.

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